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If you are here for some other reason, perhaps you would rather listen to music.

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If that happens to be the same then go open a trading account.

Prescription for prosperity

Perhaps you are looking for interesting dividends stocks, or interesting dividend stocks, or perhaps you wonder which stock pays the best dividend, or perhaps you are looking for a stock screener that has the dividend payout ration feature, or maybe technical analysis, why is the market down, scour the market for stocks using the Benjamin Graham method.

Which stock has the best dividned payout ratio. One word is spelled wrong wstg ewst tsri fro pcu caw mtw bp bwp bsi babb.ob apu arkr kmp cplp clmt kmp t codi dte ed tnp dxr dswl dcu nte pfe dtpi exm

Once there was a band here, but they didn't like being on this page. It takes so long to make an interesting page.

Maybe Wookiefoot will play here.

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Get back to screening stocks.

Screen For Stocks

Then look through them and post the results here.

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We don't give a shit what you think is for sale. $50

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